Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tips for Color Improvement - Complexion

Home made Tips for Color Improvement:

Drink lots of fruits juice, lemon juice, eat fresh leafy vegetables, eat more raw food, salads rather than cooked food. Eat more cucumbers, carrots, watermelon, which will naturally lighten up your skin. When you go out in a sun especially take an umbrella and sun cream lotion considering SPF and moisturizing at nights will helps you in maintain good skin.

With home made tips and material you can improve your color and lighten your skin. Not only with eating good food but also with applying natural herbs and kitchen available materials you can enhance your beauty growth and a glowing skin. The tips are;

1. Peel of the apple, make it into a fine paste by adding fresh milk to it. Apply this mixture to your face and wait for 30 mins and clean it with a warm water. For best result continue this for 20 days and see the difference in your skin color.
2. Carrot juice is one the best home remedy for improving your skin. Apply plain carrot juice on face and clean it with a warm water.
3. Soak badam at night, and morning peel of the layer and make a paste by adding fresh milk to it. Apply this paste to your face and after 20 min wash it off.
4. Take 2 tsp of wheat flour + 2 tsp of milk and make paste and apply to your face and when it dries completely wash it with warm water.
5. Apply Seaseme oil and message your face and now take basin powder or urad dal powder add little bit of water and apply it to the face after 5 min just scrub it with the powder you used, so that all the underlying dirt will come out and increase in skin color and glowness.
6. Apply plain Tomato juice to your face and when it dries wash it with warm water.
7. Peel of raw potatoes and remove juice from it and apply it on your face. It acts as a natural bleaching to your skin and improves your color.
8. Take cucumber juice or plain cucumber rub or apply it on face, and wash it after it dries with cold water. You can add turmeric or lemon juice with cucumber also.
9. Mix 1 tsp of honey+ a pinch of turmeric and apply on face and wash it with warm water after 10 mins. OR even a apply plain honey and wash it after 5 mins.
10. Take 3 spoons of milk and apply to your face directly and wash it after 30 min with warm water.
11. Take 2 spoons of Olive oil +1 spoon of lemon juice and mix well and apply on face and wash it after 20 mins with warm water.

The above mentioned are some natural color improving tips which are useful and helpful in glowing and improving skin color.

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