Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home Facial Process

Even though Facials are done at spas or beauty salon under professional guidance some times we can have our facials at home. As facials spas and salon and expensive. But home facials give you some different enjoyment and cost less also. You can try these home facials atleast twice a month. If you are free and have time at home, do your facial yourself.

Tools/Materials needed:

# Gentle cleanser
# Exfoliating cream/ Soothing cream
# Steamer
# A facial mask
# Message Vibrator
# Skin tonic
# Cotton pads

Process of Home Facial:

1. Cover your hair with a scarf or a band and clothes with a dressing gown.
2. Take cotton pad and apply the cleanser on your face and skin the dirt or grime, especially on T-zone and sides of your nose. Clean your hands and make sure they are clean and start messaging your face.
3. Rub a gentle exfoliating scrub by usingyour fingers in a circular motion on your face. Concentrate on the areas around your nose and forehead by giving strokes and messaging your face. If you have combination skin, work harder on the areas that tend to be greasy.
4. Try to do message at least 10 to 15 mins around the lips, eyes, fore head, cheeks and nose.
5. The sides and the back of the neck should be massaged with the fingertips using upward circular movements. Working from the centre of the upper lip, use circular movements out towards the centre of the cheeks.
6. The forehead should be lightly stroked with the fingertips in any upward direction. Then, working from in-between the brows, employ small circular movements out, and over the eyebrows.
7. After 10 to 15 mins clean your face as exfoliating creams lend to dry quickly.
8. Give a steam on your face with warm water.
9. Now apply any face mask Home facials mask you like and after 10 mins remove the mask.

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