Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Staying Young and Healthy Forever

A healthy well balanced diet has lots of benefits by feeling better, looking and staying better. Many fruits and vegetables, including berries, tomatoes and broccoli, contain phytochemicals, which improve cognitive functions and prevent disease. And vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, helps us to handle stress better, by helping us fight colds. Breathe-exhaling relieves stress, clears the lungs, increases mental focus and contracts the abdomen.

Tone the belly by learning to breathe properly. Drinking excess-water rinses cell wastes, blood poisons and environmental toxins from the body. Try flat mineral water, or organic herbal teas. For an electrolyte boost, try wheat grass juice. Take calcium with magnesium in a 1:1 ratio daily.

Middle-aged weight gain, can be dangerous, as it increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Stop over-exfoliating-peeling, burning, and abrading the skin refines its appearance, but it can also weaken the skins immunity. Calcium is important for your body and strong bones. At age 40, we begin to lose muscle mass each year, slowly becoming weaker. But strength training can rebuild lost muscle mass and make bones stronger, which is particularly important for post-menopausal women. It not only improves your balance, but also helps you to sleep better and helps your heart. Taking steps to reduce stress , will helps brain functioning well by increasing memory levels and ability to learn new things.

Tips for Stay Forever Young

* Eat a balanced, healthy diet, including five helpings of fruits and vegetables a day.
* Don’t consume snacks like chips and candy bars.
* Shed extra weight.
* Never skip a meal and try to distribute calories equally among meals.
* Do Strength train to rebuild your muscle mass and keep your bones strong.
* Adopt healthy habits and it’s never to late to stop smoking.
* Drink alcohol in moderation.
* Reduce stress and increase memory levels.

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