Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Remedies to Reduces Monthly Mensural Pains

All women suffer from this pain every month or other. Every 28 days the female reproductive system is getting ready to receive an ovum and start a pregnancy. If the fertilization did not occur, the blood lining of the uterus is discharged and causing menstruation as it is commonly called - women’s period.

During the procedure the women’s body releases endocrine which is a hormone that causes the terrible pain the women feel. The hormones might also cause changes in the women’s mood and this pain some times not only occurs during menstruation but also before and sometimes after. The period pain includes back pain, nausea and general bad feeling.

Some women also suffer from such a strong pain impossible to perform normal household, job, or school-related activities for a few days during each menstrual cycle.

Tips for Reducing and Removing Mensuration Pains :

There are pills to numb the pain but there are also some household products that are good to use for making homemade medicines. It is very easy and you can use almost you normally kitchen products no need to go and buy special products.

• Take Olive Oil and warm it up a little and rub the stomach, lie down for about 15-20 minutes. It will calm the abdomen pain.

• Another option is to eat 1 banana once the cramps start.

• Drain 1/2-1 cup of pickle juice and drink up. Even though it might sound a little disgusting , but it helps.

• Eat yogurt daily when you have menstruation; that should help the cramps. • Swallow 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 3 times daily, with every meal.

• If you are at home and you have Arrack ( strong spirits) . Take some cotton pad and saturate in arrack, then put on the lower abdomen where it hurts and leave for half an hour. It will really help the pain.

• Before you get your period eat a lot of rice. It will help the pain and the bloating, which is very important for the general feeling.

• Take a very hot bath with a cup of chamomile tea in.

The most important thing is not to stop your daily routine , as it will help to distract you from the pain and the general bad feeling. Try to keep your attention on daily work, try and take a walk, just don’t concentrate on pain.

There is no need to stop your life every 28 days just take care of yourself.

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