Thursday, June 11, 2009

Symptoms and Eye exercise

The eye problems can lead to a serious eye problems if proper attention or care not taken. Hence checking regularly optician and curing any problem will further minimizes the eye diseases.

The above are symptoms which can help you to consult doctor. How ever even though they are no such symptoms also some times leads to a eye problems.

* Dryness or an irritated eyes .
* Frequent head aches and back aches.
* A double vision or Blurriness after working at a computer or watching tv, or reading etc.
* Images appears to be short or an steady.
* Sensitivity to lightening.
* Dis comforts over the brightness of lights.

If you see any of these problem try to consult your doctor and take suggestion and medicines to cure or reduce your problem and by following simple eye care tips at home.

Exercise for the eyes:

Start doing exercises to your eyes at home daily or alternative day as it helps your vision by reducing further vision problems. The above are different eey exercises,

1. Sit down, relax and take breathe normally, now look at a spot between your eyes, above the bridge of your nose. Keep looking at this spot and start counting from one of five, and then give relax to your eyes. Next look at the tip of your nose, and also start count one to five and relax. This exercise will ease your eyes by reducing your stress and tension and relaxes your eyes.
2. Sit down, relax and look straight in front of you. Inhale and look right a object as far as possible, without turning your head. Slowly come back to your original position and exhale. Repeat the same method for the left side eye also. Try to do this exercise at least three times a day for good results.
3. Sit up straight and look down. Slowly inhale now start rolling your eyes to the right and then to the top, in a circular motion. When your eyes have reached the top, looking towards your eyebrows, start exhaling while moving your eyes left and downwards in a circular movement. Repeat the same for at least three times.

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